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Performance Categories:
  • All-Terrain
  • Comfort
  • Exrtreme Off Road
  • High Mileage
  • Highway Comfort
  • Highway Prestige
  • Mud Terrain
  • Multi Purpose
  • Off Road
  • Performance
  • Sports
  • Stylish
  • Touring

If you own a 4X4 or SUV, you probably based your purchase decision on either the safety of your family, your day-to-day vehicle needs, or doing some adventurous exploring. No matter what your reason, it’s essential to have the correct tyres. The Kumho Tyre 4X4/SUV range has been designed to cater to the needs of all 4X4/SUV owners.

The Kumho 4X4/SUV range includes features that have been developed following countless hours of rigorous testing in a variety of conditions – from the stopping, starting, and cornering of urban driving to the rigors of rugged off-road terrain. Kumho tyres are that safety barrier between the road and your vehicle. Durable and dependable, the Kumho 4X4/SUV range offers crisp handling, reliable road grip and smooth terrain transitions.

Whether your priority is family safety, getting to work on time or enjoying off-road adventures, there is a Kumho tyre to suit your needs and your vehicle. And remember, choosing the right tyre is of paramount importance. That’s why we always recommend speaking to an official Kumho Tyre dealer. Browse our range of 4X4/SUV tyres below and connect with an official Kumho dealer near you.

Ultra high performance tyre for SUVs

Highway Prestige