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Kumho’s range of passenger tyres has been developed to get you safely from A to B, no matter what your driving habits are or what type of passenger vehicle you drive.

At Kumho we combine technological innovation with rigorous testing, keeping pace with the latest vehicle enhancements and improvements. Our passenger tyres are designed to work as a team, maintaining the safety of the passengers as well as the safety and longevity of the vehicle.

All Kumho tyres are tested in various conditions and terrains, including the Australian outback and motorsport environments, to ensure the quality and integrity of every tyre in our passenger range. It’s no wonder many leading car brands choose Kumho Tyres as factory standard.

Whether you have a small car built for economy, a high-performance sportscar or anything in between, there is a Kumho tyre to suit your needs and your vehicle. And remember, choosing the right tyre is of paramount importance. That’s why we always recommend speaking to an official Kumho Tyre dealer. Browse our range of passenger tyres below and connect with an official Kumho dealer near you.