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4 Kumho Tyre Tips for Driving in and Around School Zones

School holidays are over and our young Australians are walking, riding bikes and being driven to and from school each morning and afternoon. As parents and motorists we need to be extra cautious on the roads to ensure the safety of our next generations, writes David Basha from Kumho Tyre.


Here are four key tips to avoiding car accidents around schools, more importantly to save young lives!



  1. Slow down and obey traffic laws


We all know how to drive, we passed the driving test and know the laws. The morning rush can get the better of some people. Obeying traffic laws and speeds is the number one thing you can do to stop unnecessary accidents. Being in a rush is no excuse, so pre-prepare for the first week back to school with lunches and uniforms - relieve your mornings of the hectic rush, and you’ll reduce the risk of an accident.


  1. Watch for children walking or bicycling


Be alert of other drivers, and also keep an eye on the sidewalk for cyclists and walkers. School kids like to race their bikes and run around, they’re kids; you never know what they’re about to do. Always knowing where children are in relation to your vehicle could save a life.


  1. Avoid double parking or stopping on crosswalks


You may be in a rush to get to work but double parking is not on! Stopping in the middle of a busy road makes it almost impossible for your young ones to see what’s coming up along side them, or be seen, as they open their door to get out. Imagine their faces as a car zooms past, perhaps even taking the door right off its hinges. Please take your time when parking so that everyone remains safe.


  1. Prepare to stop for school buses when their yellow lights are flashing


It may seem obvious to slow down when a bus is pulling over to drop off or pick up school kids, but it needs to be mentioned. The flashing lights on the bus mean it is slowing down, so please slow down and let the bus stop without enhanced traffic pressure. Remember, school kids could step out from in front of the bus without any notice - if you haven’t slowed down, then there will be a collision, or a lot of hearts racing.




As a community it is our responsibility to always be cautious, and careful in and around school zones. Education is important for not only motorists, but for the children, near roads in general and especially around the crucial school hours. Please respect to the laws that are put in place to protect our next generations from regrettable harm.


Kumho Tyre produces more than 68 million tyres annually with a massive research and development program which comprises more than 600 research personnel and 300 testing machines at proving grounds in South Korea, China, Europe and North America. Kumho leads the world with the latest in tyre technology, safety and performance.


In Australia Kumho Tyre markets an extensive range of tyres for cars, 4WDs, light commercials, trucks and buses with a network centered around five state locations with the ability to distribute tyres to retailers across all areas of Australia. To find an official Kumho dealer visit kumho.com.au



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