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Beautiful Design & Powerful Sports Driving ECSTA LE SPORTS KU39

ECSTA LE Sport is the Tyre that reveals its nature in its name. The term Sport in the name represents the Tyre type featuring dynamic performance while LE stands for Luxury Edition. Though the name itself sounds contradictory, ECSTA LE Sport offers performance up to the level of a racing Tyre while allowing the driver to have luxurious and comfortable riding experience. A test-driving was a good chance to confirm it.



High performance hidden behind the beautiful design


ECSTA LESport won the 2012 iFDesign Award, one of the top three design awards in the world. Out of 4,322 Tyre brands of 48 countries, Kumho Tyres’ ECSTA LESport won the major prizes along with Majesty SOLUS and IZENKW27 in the transportation design sector following more than three months of thorough screening and examination.


The tread design of ECSTA LESport is as sim­ple as simplicity can be. The simple design, however, did not compromise anything: it has three channel wide grooves, in-out asymmetric tread, heatproof dimples, high-strength solid ribs, etc.



Perfect Match for Sports Coupe


Test was done on Mercedes Benz EClass Coupe, which is a sports-oriented version of the main EClass lineup of Benz. It has a V-type six cylinder engine of 3,500cc with its maximum power output of 272 horse power and maximum torque of 35.7kg·m. It can go from zero to 100km/hour in just 6.3 seconds. Still it does not compromise the tranquility and comfort, hallmark of Benz. All these specifications quality BENZ a per­fect match with ECSTA LESport Tyres. Usually, the size of the front wheels for Benz EClass Coupe is 235/40R18 while that of the real wheel is 255/35R18. However, for this driving test, AMGwheel turning was done and the Tyres were inched up to 19 inches.



UHP Tyres Continue to Evolve

Sports UHP Tyres offer you the greatest pleasure at time of dynamic driving. It is why I tried them first on the winding roads in the forest. In order not to miss any single aspect of the UHP Tyres, you have to try them in diverse conditions. So I applied abrupt brake and turned sharp corners at rapid speeds going up and down the high slopes and driving both straight-line and curved roads. The tread area wider than that of the general passenger cars felt somewhat heavy; however, design approach of enhancing grip at time of high-speed driving allowed me to feel the acceleration applied right after I stepped on the accelerator. Actually, the thrill of going up the speedometer went through my whole body starting from the tip of my foot. When applying brake, I felt as if I came to a stop with my whole body thrown flat on the road.

Cornering was superb as well. Running around the corners at the speed of 70~80km per hour on ECSTA LESport made me feel like it defied centrifugal force and inertia. In a nutshell, cornering was very accurate and smooth. Tranquility was good too. One of the outstanding strengths Kumho Tyres has is quiet driving performance, which is also true for ECSTA LESport. At times when the roads con­ditions change from asphalt to concrete or to blocks, there was a certain level of noise felt but very minimal. Although it had a hard suspension, there was very little vibration felt.

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