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How Tyres are Recycled and What we’re doing to help!

How Tyres are Recycled and What we’re doing to help!

Kumho Tyre: How Tyres are Recycled and What we’re doing to help!

What does a good tyre give the driver?

A long lasting ride that’s tough and not only durable but near impossible to crack under regular conditions.

These same tyres that last so long on our vehicles need to be disposed of in a conscientious way but how does a Kumho Tyre, made from durable rubber compounds go from the wheel to their second life as playground surfacing, in the construction industry, as alternative fuels or new automotive and industrial products?

Let’s break it down: Tyres are tough so they need to be cut, ripped, shredded and for some purposes even ground to powder until they’re able to be reused.

Let’s build it up: The reused tyres have many different, positive functions for the community and commercial purposes.

  • Recycled as retreaded tyres and used again on vehicles.

  • Made into rubber bumpers for boats and children’s play equipment.

  • Old tyres get a new life as flooring for kids playgrounds.

  • Converted for computer mouse mats, pencil cases, and notebook covers.

  • Broken down into rubber granules and used in surfacing playgrounds and artificial sports grounds.

  • Repurposed as carpet mats and tiles. Several carpeting companies use recycled tyres as a major component of their eco-carpets.

  • Broken down into a fine powder and put into road surfacing materials to reduce the noise of road surfaces.

  • Turned into roof tiles and structural supports in eco-buildings.

How can you reduce your waste?

Purchase good quality tyres with long tread life; check tyre pressures so that you’re not driving on over- or underinflated tyres; rotate the tyres every 10,000 kilometres; and ensure that tyres are balanced when rotated.

What do Kumho Tyre do to help?

Kumho Tyre manufactures tyres to meet Australia’s tough daily use from passenger cars to off-road vehicles but where do the tyres go when they’ve lost their roadworthiness. Kumho Tyre is a partner of Tyre Stewardship Australia and through shared initiatives we...

“Reduce the volume of end of life tyres currently being disposed of in a manner which is damaging to the environment,” - Tyre Stewardship Australia.Tyre Stewardship Aus

Kumho Tyre is a proud partner of Tyre Stewardship Australia and the amazing work that goes into ensuring a positive future for generations to come.

We also created the Kumho Ecowing ES01 KH27 Tyre in order to help. The amazing Ecowing ES01 KH27 is the fuel-saving tyre for a new generation. Developed using an environmentally friendly, HA oil free compound, the Ecowing KH27 offers a greater level of rolling resistance as well as 5.1% better fuel economy than the standard equivalent*.

^Environmentally friendly compound is a HA oil free compound in which the extender oil is compliant with applicable EU legislation. *Fuel savings of up to 5.1% for Kumho ES01 KH27 tyres as compared with conventional Kumho steel belted radials. In 2013 testing conducted by Kumho and independently observed by Sydney’s North Shore Sporting Car Club, the Ecowing ES01 KH27 was found to provide a
fuel advantage of 5.1% against a silica compound Kumho KH17 tyre. Fuel savings are due to reduced rolling resistance and friction with the road surface. ΔBased on the 2014 Australian Bureau of Statistics data, the average vehicle fuel consumption in Australia is currently 10.7 litres per 100km. Kumho’s Ecowing ES01 KH27 could reduce the average Australian fuel consumption by 0.5 litres per 100km,
saving 75.3 litres of fuel each year (based on travelling 13,800km p.a.) or more than $102.42 per car (based on avg. fuel price of $1.36). #Trees are planted by Greenfleet Australia (ABN 22 095 044 465) with cost donated by Kumho Tyre Australia (ABN 46 003 300 678). For more information on the work of Greenfleet visit www.greenfleet.com.au. Printed on eco-friendly recycled paper.KT4858 ECOWING A2 Poster

Together we can make a difference and if we all think about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle then we can make the world #BetterAllWays.


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