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Kumho Easter Long Weekend Travel Release

The Easter long weekend is a time where families get in the car and travel long distances to come together and celebrate. Because of this, there is a huge increase of numbers on our roads. In 2014 alone, NSW recorded 309 fatalities throughout the year and over the Easter long weekend over 120 people were injured in over 420 major crashes.

In light of these facts, Kumho Tyres Australia has given some helpful hints showcasing the benefits of being prepared and aware on your holiday.


Plan Your Trip Beforehand – Before you head off on your Easter long weekend adventure you’ll need to plan out the best route to travel. Take into account rest stops along the way, the weather forecast, and the distance between towns, and of course how long the trip will take. A GPS is a great idea to take the stress away from reading the map!

Check Your Vital Signs – It sounds simple, but how many times have you left home without even thinking about oil or water levels? When you’re heading off on your road trip it is a good idea to check everything the day before, that way you’re not rushing it in the morning and likely to forget something.

Stock Up – Certain stores may not be open throughout the Easter break so make sure you’ve stocked up on the essentials e.g. spare engine oil. It’s a good idea to check that your spare tyre is in proper working order in case of emergency.

Get Your Pressure Right – If you’re not sure of the optimal pressure for your tyres, specifications should be inside the drivers door or glove box. Remember to follow these guidelines when your inflating, as too little pressure in your tyres will create higher rolling resistance, which leads to a higher fuel consumption. If you’re taking a full car or towing a trailer it’s a good idea to add an extra 4PSI as heavy loads can put extra strain on your tyres.

Stop. Revive. Survive. – The signs don’t lie, every two hours you should stop, have a break and freshen up. It is a good idea to switch drivers at these intervals to reduce fatigue levels and allow you to finish your journey safely.


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