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Successful tyre testing shows Kumho is fit for the fast twins!


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Twin Busch Motorsports started with the Audi R8 LMS ultra and the pilots Dennis and Marc Busch at the ADAC 24-hour qualifying race in the long distance 2015 season at the Nürburgring on 11/12 of April. The goal for the weekend was extensive tyre tests. Dennis Busch: "We have completely overhauled the Audi during the winter break, otherwise we would use the GT3 in the same configuration as in the previous year. The first show we wanted to sort out tires for the season and the 24-hour race with our development partner Kumho. In addition, we wanted to get a fixed starting place in the top 30 qualifying at the 24 hour race, which would mean we get the highly sought after blue light."
Manfred Theisen, Manager of Motor Sport Kumho Tyre Europe GmbH said: "We have brought numerous constructions and tyre mixtures to the Eifel to test them on the very demanding Nürburgring Nordschleife”.
Although the tyre test program has been extensively dealt with in the individual training sessions, the Bush twins had fast times from the beginning. This was particularly important for the qualifying sessions, since the first ten places were awarded for the top 30 qualifiers. Marc Busch said: "We were with our top time of 8.33 minutes already in ninth position. In the second qualifying session we could no longer improve and therefore reached eleventh position five minutes from the end."
The sought after top 5 positions in the 6 hour race were still in reach. Initially it was very positive for the Twin Busch Audi R8 despite an early pit stop. And because the tyre tests were in focus on the race day, the team was from time to time in third place. Unfortunately due to a technical problem on the 21st lap it was over. "We were just on our way to the front again as the Audi came to a halt on the track. Fortunately, we had finished our tire test program said Dennis Busch, further more:" We are satisfied with our race speed and we are optimistic about the 24-hour race. "

-Source : Kumho Tyre Germany-

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