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Kumho Tyres has launched its next generation ultra-high performance (UHP) tyre in Australia with the arrival of the internationally acclaimed and class leading Ecsta 4X KU22.


The KU22 has already received a 2012 Good Design Award, acknowledged as one of the most prestigious industrial design accolades in the world, and is the only UHP tyre to have won such an award in the transportation category.


According to national marketing and training manager at Kumho Tyres Australia, David Basha, the Ecsta 4X KU22 is Kumho's most advanced and versatile ultra-high performance tyre ever.


"The Good Design Award underlines Kumho's commitment and dedication to research and development and is an example of the technological advancement Kumho has achieved with its tyres," said David Basha.


"Ecsta 4X KU22 has been designed for all climates conditions from hot and dry to pouring rain.


"It has been developed with the motorist in mind and delivers a quiet and smooth ride around town and on the highway as well as delivering excellent traction for performance based driving making it ideal for luxury sports cars."

Kumho KU22 Performance Car Tyres

The Ecsta 4X range uses race inspired technology with a newly developed silica based compound and robust twin belt construction.


A new high grip resin has been used to bond the nano-sized silica in the tyre construction to ensure the KU22 maintains good grip with the road.


The Nano sized silica particles contribute to tyre life and by reducing small gaps in the tread provide a greater surface area for better contact with the road as well as heightened grip levels and more effective water dispersion.


Durability, receptive handling and a quiet ride have all been achieved through the KU22's aggressive asymmetrical tread design.


Multi angle tread blocks with varying depth sipes and a sloped tie bar strengthen the tread area under load as well as reducing the wear rate, to make it a long lasting tyre while optimising grip when it counts most - from a standing start and when cornering.


The risk of aquaplaning is reduced as a result of the KU22's wide circumferential grooves as well as its series of cross grooves that ensure the most effective water clearance even the wettest conditions.


The KU22 was ranked the number one all season UHP value tyre by Tire Rack, America's leading independent tyre retailer, after it excelled in its regular tyre tests which compare all major brands in real world conditions with wet and dry comparisons of stopping distance, cornering, performance driving, slalom and lap times.


The Kumho KU22 was the most consistent tyre and claimed six top scores, four seconds and one third across the 11 tests.


"The KU22 has proven itself in real world scenarios and in performance tests so drivers can be confident in all conditions whether it is a trip down to the shops, a family road trip or even track days," said David.


Kumho's road hazard warranty is also available for KU22 providing cover against damage from objects on the road, gutters and pot holes for a small recommended retail price of $3.95 per tyre delivering added peace of mind for buyers.


The KU22 is ideally suited for luxury and sports cars of all types with an array of 30 different sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inch available.


"Performance cars range from the smaller hot hatches right up to large passenger cars and the KU22 is produced in dimensions to accommodate sports and luxury cars of varying sizes," added David Basha.