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Tyre manufacturer Kumho has urged motorists to take some simple precautions ahead of the year's busiest period on our roads by checking the condition of their car's tyres before hitting the roads over summer.


Simple factors such as worn tyres, incorrect pressures and poor wheel alignment not only contribute to how a car handles and stops but also leads to an increase in fuel consumption potentially costing motorists more money as well as risking lives.


According to David Basha, national marketing and training manager at Kumho Tyres Australia a tyre health check only takes a few minutes and is as important as filling the car up with fuel.


"There are always safety messages about fatigue, drink driving and speeding around this time of year and rightly so, but road safety begins before you even leave home," said David Basha.


"Every motorist should carry out simple tyre checks regularly but it is even more important before a long, hot summer holiday drive.


"Tyre condition and wheel alignment not only contributes to poor handling but correct pressures and wheel alignment allows your car to run more efficiently."


Kumho encourages motorists to carry out two simple checks before heading away this festive season regardless of whether it is interstate or to visit local family - tyre pressures and tread depth.


Adequately inflated tyres improve traction and ensure the best contact with the road is achieved as well as even wear. Over inflation causes a smaller surface area of the tyre to be in contact with the road and wear the middle of the tyre quicker and hampers handling while under inflated tyres wear the outer edges of the tyre and don't allow for effective heat dispersion.


"It's important to adjust tyre pressure according to load," added David.


"Towing trailers and caravans put added forces on tyres and it's vital to combat these to ensure the best contact with the road and fuel efficiency is achieved."


Checking tread depth is as simple as putting a matchstick in the groove of the tyre. A tyre with more than the required two millimetres of tread will not have the match protrude the tread.


Kumho also recommends visiting a local Kumho dealer at least every six months for a wheel alignment check and tyre rotation.


David Basha feels tyres often are neglected in vehicle maintenance - especially on trailers and caravans.


"Vehicles require regular checks and while people check oil and fluid levels most forget to check their tyre conditions," said David.


"It's especially important to check the conditions of trailer and caravan tyres as well as spare tyres because they tend to sit around more and are not used as often."


Kumho wishes everyone a safe and happy Christmas and New Year period.

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