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Kumho’s ECSTA PS71 for a High Performance Drive

Kumho’s ECSTA PS71 for a High Performance Drive

Kumho’s ECSTA PS71 for a High Performance Drive

Kumho’s Tyres have a reputation for reliability and longevity, and the ECSTA PS71 upholds that reputation thanks to its robust, intelligent design. Ideal for luxury performance vehicles, the PS71 offers a smooth drive like no other.

Kumho’s ECSTA PS71 allows for agile, responsive handling, while minimising tread-wear thanks to innovative compound technology. The high dispersion Micro Silica compound used to construct the PS71 allows the tyre to work with the vehicle to minimise fuel use, and maximise performance.

Four wide grooves direct water away from the tread area, making the PS71 a highly competent wet weather tyre. The wide structure of the channels between these grooves allows for maximum contact between tyre and road, which results in an enhanced drive.

The ECSTA PS71 is an incredibly durable tyre, and there are optional extras that will extend its lifespan even more. A new hybrid tyre cap constructed of steel belts provides exterior toughness and strengthens the casing. The inclusion of a fabric insert into the sidewall offers improved rigidity in the body of the tyre, extending the PS71’s life yet again.

A performance car demands a performance tyre. Kumho’s PS71 has been designed to meet the needs of driver’s who value a high end product, and it doesn’t disappoint.

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