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Kumho Touring Tyre (RE) has been 1st place in Recently Released AutoPacific Survey Polls 25,000 Tyre Buyers for Most Satisfying Tyre Brand

Recently Released AutoPacific Survey Polls 25,000 Tire Buyers for Most Satisfying Tire Brand

TUSTIN, Calif. (September 18, 2012) – Michelin is the most satisfying tyre brand for second year in a row, according to AutoPacific’s Replacement Tyre Buyer Dynamics and Satisfaction Study, followed by Pirelli, Goodyear, Nitto and BF Goodrich.

“Michelin has an image among replacement tyre buyers of being trusted, safe and high quality. It’s no surprise that the brand’s Tyre Satisfaction Score confirms that the experience of owning Michelin tyres is on par with consumer expectations,” explains George Peterson, President of AutoPacific.

In its recently released Replacement Tyre Buyer Dynamics and Satisfaction Study, AutoPacific surveyed over 25,000 vehicle owners who bought replacement tyres over the past twelve months. Twenty-two replacement tyre brands were surveyed. The study was used to determine what is important when choosing a replacement tyre and which tyre brands provide the most satisfying experience. In addition the research reveals insights on brand awareness, familiarity, brand image, and influencers on the purchase decision.

Each tyre buyer rated the importance of, and their satisfaction with, twenty-three different tyre characteristics. Thirteen characteristics were used in the calculation of the Tire Satisfaction Scores, including: fuel efficiency, traction, handling, durability, ride comfort, appearance and reputation. Using these data, AutoPacific calculated the overall winner and the top rated brand in each category.

Replacement tire category winners are:

Tire Category 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
Ultra-High Performance Tyres Michelin Goodyear Pirelli
Performance Tyres Pirelli Michelin Goodyear
Touring Tyres Kumho Michelin Yokohama
Passenger Car Tyres Michelin Pirelli Goodyear
Light Truck/SUV Highway Tyres Michelin BFGoodrich Goodyear
Light Truck/SUV All Terrain Tyres Michelin Hankook Goodyear
Snow/Winter Tyres Michelin Goodyear BFGoodrich

Tires are one of the most important purchases a person makes when keeping their car or light truck in safe operating condition during its lifetime. “Whether replacing tires due to normal wear and tear, damage, or the desire for better or different tyres, knowing which tire brands provide the most satisfying experience is critical when deciding which replacement tyres to purchase,” says Peterson.

2012 Tyre Brand Satisfaction Scores*

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