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Kumho Tyres received top rankings for American Consumer

Kumho Tyre received top rankings for Touring Tyres Sector of ‘2012 Replacement Tyre Buyer Dynamics and Satisfaction Study’ conducted by AutoPacific, an American professional car consulting company.

In Touring Tyres Sector of ‘2012 Replacement Tyre Buyer Dy­namics and Satisfaction Study’ carried out on 22 tyre brands, Kumho Tyre surpassed overseas famous tyre manufactures in­cluding Michelin, Pirelli, and Goodyear and took first place to keep pride of domestic tyre brand.

It has a great meaning to receive top rankings for consumer satisfaction in Turing Tyres market which has the largest rate of sales due to geographical characteristics of USA with well-developed long distance road crossing the continent. Espe­cially, this result shows Kumho Tyre’s products are widely ac­cepted by North American consumers because the Study was based on experiences of 25,000 consumers who had actually replaced tyres in recent 1 year.

The ‘2012 Replacement Tyre Buyer Dynamics and Satisfaction Study’ calculates composite score not only for items close to tyre products performance such as endurance, frictional force, steering stability and gas mile­age but also for items such as brand awareness, closeness, image, buying process and store atmosphere. The Study conducted evaluation on products group (e.g. UHP/ Touring/SUV/snow tyre) instead of a specific product.

Kim Jaebok, the Director of North America Sales Division of Kumho Tyre, briefly stated that “the Satisfaction Study means a lot in the aspect that Kumho Tyre’s steady efforts for quality and satisfaction improvement to meet local requirements are recognized by American local consumers” and added that “we will do our best to improve quality and merchantability from the viewpoint of customers and market.”

Meantime, AutoPacific is a professional consulting company established in 1986 with its headquarters in Detroit and LA respectively. It announces customer satisfaction for cars every year and it has high public confidence from car consumers in North America region.

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