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As being JFR spnsor, Kumho armed with the best quality Motorsports Marketing stories in Saudi Arabia

As being JFR spnsor, Kumho armed with the best quality  Motorsports Marketing stories in Saudi Arabia


Before becoming Kumho Tyres’ main dealership in Saudi Arabia, Arabian Hala Company Limited was established with 27 vehicles in 1977 in Riyadh. The princi­pal activity of the company was renting automobiles for short/long term and other smaller activities like airport porter service, limousine, and Freemans catalog.

As being JFR spnsor, Kumho armed with the best quality 4


During this period, Arabian Hala has diversified into a couple of major activities related to the transport industry, an express courier business (Hala Express), and a supply chain business (Hala Supply Chains Services). Both these busi­nesses have been spun out and have strategic partners in them.

With more than 1,500 employees, Arabian Hala Company Limited is consid­ered to be a pioneer in the Saudi market and as an active citizen in the commu­nity through their various businesses. Drifting is one their main concern lately especially after acquiring the rights to the Kumho franchise.

As being JFR spnsor, Kumho armed with the best quality 2

BDrifting in Saudi Arabia transcended from being a reckless way of driving to a popular professional sport with its own federation (SAMF). It is watched by thousands, recognized and supported by official governmental bodies, to en­sure its practice in safe environments away from the streets. Kumho is the sponsor of the pioneering drifting team in Saudi Arabia: Aljazirah Ford Racing Team (JFR).

BIn a short period of time, JFR was capable of building a large fan base due to their superior level of performance, thus allowed them to be renowned on the podiums of many domestic and international drifting events, having KUMHO as their main choice of tyres. JFR won first place of RedBull Car Park Drift Jeddah in 2012, won first & second place in UAE Drift Championship Dubai in 2012 and voted as the people’s choice in King of Europe Slovakia as well as ranked 12th out of 64 from the best drifters in the world who competed in the same event.

As being JFR spnsor, Kumho armed with the best quality 3

KUMHO found an opportunity to associate themselves with JFR in order to elevate the brand’s name and reach a broader audience. In every event JFR participate, the audiences are in for a treat as they are mesmerized with excit­ing drifting on the track, and a sky full of smoke thanks to Kumho’s smoke tyres, that grants the team extra points upon judging their performance.
As being JFR spnsor, Kumho armed with the best quality 1

The team’s new car; Ford Mustang RTR-D which was custom built for the team in America. has the Kumho Tyre’s logo visibly placed on it to show the fans, spectators, and positional customers JFR’s confidence in the brand.

In addition to their success on the race track, JFR use non-traditional methods to connect with their audience, through using social media platforms (Face­book, Twitter, and YouTube). In every activity being done on JFR’s social media channels, Kumho is either mentioned in name, have their logo displayed, or viewed in a video.

As being JFR sponsor, Kumho is always mentioned in every press release and interview done for the team as a partner who helped the team achieve their current success in tournaments, and also as an active member of the society who helps in promoting safe driving especially with the high fatal accidents rates in Saudi Arabia.