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Parents beware: School leavers most at risk of road accidents

Parents beware: School leavers most at risk of road accidents

Teen drivers have the highest fatal crash risk of any age group.

In 2016, Kumho Tyre launched a program in conjunction with the St George Illawarra Dragons called the School Safety Series. This was run in NSW at a school level to educate entry level drivers on the importance of vehicle safety and maintenance along with a holistic promotion of driver safety.

The quick poll we ran at the event demonstrated that many children don’t get driver education from their parents like many of us did in decades past. This fact added to the advent of mobile phones, facebook and the internet all being within hands reach has added far risks to the way young people drive. Don’t text and drive is a strategic safety campaign helping to save lives but more education, from a parental standpoint is necessary to keep our kids safe.

Tips for parents educating their school leaving kids on the importance of driver safety:

  • Never use a mobile phone when driving, as tempting as it is to respond to that message this is a habit that needs to stop on our roads for young and old.
  • Educate your kids on the importance of vehicle safety. Check your tyre wear, even on the spare, along with the rest of your vehicle.
  • When young people are selecting their first car they can go for appearance over safety. The vehicle is the only thing between you and the road and you should consider safety over that bright paint job!
  • Remember, you are a role model. Young people are impressionable and, as the old saying goes, monkey see monkey do!

Safe driving!

Written by: David Basha, National Sales & Marketing Manager Kumho Tyre

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