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The Kumho KU31 – Superior Performance Tyre

In the past couple of years, Kumho tyres have made its way into the global market and have quickly become one of the top tyre manufacturers in the world with the amount of tyres that they produce yearly. With their functional, long lasting, and more affordable products, many giant car makers rely only on Kumho tyres, including Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, and Chrysler. Now, with the release of the new and improved Kumho KU31, the company looks to draw in more people with their most innovative tyre yet. Here's a closer look at the Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31:

Size and Specifications

Radial Construction
Height - 26.30"
Length - 26.30"
Width – 8"
Section Width - 9.2"
Rim Diameter – 18"
Tread Depth – 10"
Weight - 27.5 lbs
Aspect Ratio - 45
Load Index Rating - 98
Speed Rating - ZR


The Kumho KU31 is made with a silica tread compound which offers heavy duty grip in both dry and wet road. The superior dispersion system offered by the silica compounds in the Kumho KU31 not only provides high performance even on wet grips but also enhanced treadwear for better fuel efficiency. It has the ability to absorb bumps due to its exclusive casing construction, which makes it an affordable choice for sports car owners.

The Kumho KU31 isn't made for sports cars alone, as these tyres can give a sportier look and feel to any sedan. These tyres offer optimum grip and provides precision response but doesn't compromise the ride efficiency. For balanced pressure distribution, the Kumho KU31 comes with a tri-tread radius that allows maximized footprint shape as well. Car owners can also rest assured that there's reduced tyre noise while on the go and grip is superior with the front-tilted shoulder blocks. The tyres are also made more durable with the lower sidewall of the wheels to protect it from abrasions and scratches, making the Kumho KU31 longer lasting than most tires with the same price range.

See the Kumho KU31 Performance Tyre

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