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Leading tyre manufacturer Kumho has extended its innovative mileage guarantee to a second range of its top selling SUV and four wheel drive tyres.

Kumho launched an 80000km guarantee on the Road Venture KL51 in August and has now introduced a 60000km warranty on its Road Venture KL61.

According to Kumho Tyre Australia's national marketing and training manager, David Basha, the KL61's guarantee is unique in the fact that an all-terrain tyre has come with a mileage promise and provides customers with added faith in the durability of Kumho tyres.

KL61 mileage warranty

"Mileage guarantees have traditionally only been applied to on road tyres," said David Basha.

"Kumho has now taken the concept further by offering a 60 000km guarantee on an all-terrain tyre, the Road Venture KL61.

"With proper maintenance and checks we have confidence the KL61 will last at least 60000km over the conditions it has been designed for without a problem - be it on the road or off road.

"Australia's diverse road conditions but Kumho is demonstrating the confidence it has in the engineering and design of a four wheel drive/SUV tyre offering a guaranteed life for highway and road use as well as off road conditions."

To be eligible for the Kumho mileage guarantee customers must fill out a guarantee card in store and retain their original receipt along with the 'tyre service card.'

Then it's as simple as getting a tyre health check every 10000km where your local Kumho dealer will inspect the tyre, check pressures, rotate the tyres and conduct a wheel alignment as needed to ensure the tyres wear evenly before filling in the service card.

The Kumho mileage guarantee works on a pro-rata basis where motorists will be refunded on the difference between actual mileage and the 60000km limit for the KL61 and 80000km on the KL51.

"All motorists should carry out regular service such as tyre pressure and condition checks but it is even more important for all-terrain drivers," Mr Basha said.

"With regular checks and services motorists should have no issues attaining 60 000km on the Kumho Road Venture KL61 and if they don't we'll refund purchase price on the lost mileage".

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