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GF&Kumho Tyre - 4 March 2013 (7)


Tyre manufacturer Kumho has renewed its commitment to the environment through its involvement with eco-motoring organisation Greenfleet.

In 2012 Kumho and Greenfleet joined forces to combat carbon emissions with Greenfleet planting a tree for every set of Kumho's Ecowing all season tyre - resulting in 5000 tree plantings around Australia.

Kumho has announced a further 5000 native trees will be planted by Greenfleet in 2013 to commemorate the release of the second generation Ecowing tyre, the KH27.

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Greenfleet is a non-profit organisation that has been operating for 15 years. It aims to reduce, avoid and offset carbon emissions through planting more than 7.5 million native trees and educating individuals and companies about tackling climate change.

According to CEO of Greenfleet, Sara Gipton, Kumho's initiative is creating a more sustainable Australian climate.


"Greenfleet is proud of Kumho's support in plantings Australian native trees with the sales of the Ecowing all season tyre," said Sara Gipton.


"Kumho's support means more forests grow which capture more carbon and provide more habitat for our unique Australian species."


The Kumho Ecowing all season tyre uses a silica based compound rather than a petroleum based compound conventional tyres use resulting in a low rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency just through tyre choice.


Sara Gipton feels the Kumho Ecowing range of tyres benefits the environment in multiple ways and as well as supporting Greenfleet in getting consumers thinking about more environmentally friendly options.


"It sends a clear message to Kumho's customers that they can make good choices when they buy tyres to reduce fuel consumption," added Sara.


"Choosing Kumho's Ecowing all season tyre means motorists will use less fuel, save money on fuel and reduce emissions into the atmosphere.


"Kumho's support creates two ways for fighting climate change."


According to Kumho Tyres' national marketing and training manager, David Basha, Kumho is proud to support the ongoing work of Greenfleet.


"Greenfleet does a fantastic job when it comes to raising awareness about tackling climate change," said David Basha.


"Kumho is pleased to be a part of the work Greenfleet is undertaking in reducing and offsetting carbon emissions from motorists.


"Our association with Greenfleet is just another example of our ongoing commitment to being socially responsible company," David added.

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