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Kumho is pleading with motorists to check their tyres ahead of the busy Christmas and New Year period.

As we head into the busiest time of the year on our roads, car owners are being urged to check tyre condition and ensure their tyres are at the correct pressures.

David Basha, Kumho's national marketing and training manager, says there is a direct correlation between tyre condition and road safety.

"It's essential to maintain the recommended tyre pressure and regularly check tyre conditions to ensure optimum traction and handling," he stated.

"Not only does a properly maintained tyre improve handing and traction but it will also improve fuel economy and provide a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers."

Under or over inflated tyres don't provide proper contact with the road. Under inflated tyres also don't allow for heat dispersion and wear the outer edges of the tyre quicker. Over inflated tyres on the other hand have a small contact area, hamper the handling of the vehicle, highlight road imperfections as well as wear the centre of the tyre out quicker.

"Checking tyres only takes a couple of minutes but is small price to pay for safe, comfortable motoring," said David Basha.

Tyres should have at least two millimetres of tread to ensure the tyre can still channel water in wet conditions. Kumho recommends car owners check their tyre depth by placing a match stick in the grooves of the tyre. A tyre with sufficient tread won't have the match protruding the tread.

David Basha commented, "Every year, there are too many accidents on Australian roads and many of them can be prevented. Kumho urges everyone to regularly check tyre pressures and not to put off purchasing new tyres when their current ones are near the end of their working life to help make Australian roads a safer place."

Since its inception in 1960, Kumho Tyres has been a model of steady growth amid dramatic changes of business landscape. Driven by innovation in management and technical development Kumho has become one of the top ten tyre companies in the world.

Over the past half-century Kumho Tyres has built the foundation for a sustainable company, which has thrived through a full range of business environments.

Kumho has succeeded in the development of superior tyres for all vehicles including high performance, passenger, sports utility and recreational vehicles, as well as light trucks, heavy truck and buses, industrial, agricultural, mining and construction vehicles as well as aircraft.

Kumho produces more than 68 million tyres annually with a massive research and development program which comprises more than 600 research personnel and 300 testing machines at proving grounds in South Korea, China, Europe and North America. Kumho leads the world with the latest in tyre technology, safety and performance.

In Australia Kumho markets an extensive range of tyres for cars, 4WDs, light commercials, trucks and buses with a network centered around five state locations with the ability to distribute tyres to retailers across all areas of Australia.