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Kumho Offers OE Tyres for Volkswagen’s Atlas.

Kumho Offers OE Tyres for Volkswagen’s Atlas.

Kumho Tyre (CEO: Kim Jong-ho) announced on Wedesday that it is supplying OE tyres(tyres for new cars) for the 2018 Atlas, a newly-launched large SUV from Volkswagen. A leader in the global auto industry, the Volkswagen Group ranked first last year in terms of car sales and has world-renowned brands under its belt, including Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini, and Porsche.

The Atlas is targeted mainly for the North American market where big SUVs such as family vans and pickup trucks are popular. The first full-size SUV from Volkswagen with room for seven is the largest-ever among SUVs produced by the automaker. Boasting 280 horsepower from a VR6 3.6L gasoline engine, the vehicle received five stars in safety tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

After two years of development followed by approval for performance, technology, and mass production, Kumho started providing Volkswagen with its tyres from late last year. The 2018 Atlas will be equipped with the Crugen Premium KL33, Kumho’ best-seller in the SUV tyre category.

CRUGEN Premium KL33

The Crugen series was developed in line with the emergence of urban SUVs. Its excellent on-road performance including handling, braking, and stability in fast driving makes it perfect for high-end SUVs, earning rave reviews in Korea and the rest of the world as an SUV-exclusive tyre brand.

The Crugen Premium, a standard SUV tyre, delivers quietness and comfort commonly associated with high-end sedans. Its upgraded silica compound ensures greater fuel economy and its optimum platform offers comfort and quietness. The tyre’s tread pattern is designed to enhance driving stability and reduce abrasion.

The Atlas has been produced at a plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee since November 2016. Sold in North America as well as Latin America, the Middle East, and Russia, the car is mounted with tyres manufactured at Kumho’s Gwangju plant. Currently sold in North America and parts of Europe we are waiting in expectation on its arrival in Australia. “The deal is yet another recognition of our quality and technological prowess as our products are used as main tyres for a mass-produced car model,” said Cho Man-sik, a senior vice president of RE Product Development at Kumho Tyre, “We will continue our efforts to develop and supply SUV tyres that satisfy our customers and drivers alike as we respond to the significant growth of the SUV market.”

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