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Kumho Tyres’s Tailored Marketing for Consumers in China

Kumho Tyres’s Tailored Marketing for Consumers in China

  As an official tyre supplier, Kumho Tyres held a ceremony to sign an agreement to sponsor 2013 China Touring Car Championship (here­inafter “CTCC”), one of the top racing events in China.

Supported by China’s government organiza­tion in charge of motor sports Federation of Automobile Sports of PRC (FASC) and inter­national automobile organization, Federation International de l’Automobile(FIA), CTCC is the top-level motor sports event in China. More than 10,000 people attend per event and China’s government broadcasting service, CCTV, is an exclusive broadcaster of the events. First launched in 2004 under the name of China Circuit Championship, the event was renamed into CTCC in 2009. The major brands that join the event include Beijing Hyundai, Toyota, Shanghai Volkswagen, Ford, KIA, Shanghai GM, Honda, Pugeot and the races are held in three classes of 2,000cc N/A (Natural Aspiration), 1,600cc N/A and 1600 cc (Turbo As­piration). Kumho Tyres was chosen as an official supplier to CTCC for the period from 2013 to 2015 defeating world-class tyre makers such as Yokohama and Michelin. Kumho Tyres made continuous efforts to boost the motor sports in China while proving the technological prowess of Kumho Tyres in motor sports section. Man­aging director in charge of marketing for China, Hyunwoo Kim, said, “As one of the first global tyre companies who entered China, Kumho Tyres had its technology and fame confirmed once again through the ceremony to sign the tyre supplier agreement this time.” He also added, “We are determined to take the full advantage of CTCC as it offers Kumho Tyres the best stage on which it can demonstrate its technological skills and motor sports passion.”

Launched in 2006 as an official tyre supplier to the Asia For­mula Renault (AFR), Kumho Tyres has offered its full support to motor sports in china through China Rally Championship (CRC) that it joined in 2011. In its infant stage of motor sports, China is likely to enjoy growing passion and interest in mo­tor sports with its momentum secured by government support and media interest and audience coming from all over China continuing to increase. Meanwhile, Kumho Tyres has aggres­sively implemented marketing activities in order to increase its sales in the Chinese market. They include expert forums to create positive public opinion, partnership agreement with Qingdao University in an attempt to enhance industrial development of China and advertisement campaigns on TV/newspaper/on-line in order to enhance customer recognition, and prize winning events for consumers.

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