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Kumho Tyres' Success of Entering Auto GP towards F1

Kumho Tyres participated in diverse motor sports such as Auto GP, Masters of F3, VLN in German Series, CRC in China, etc in 2012. We supplied official tyres with global technology and supported teams and accomplished excellent outcomes such as all-round championship of German VLN endurance race, etc.

Kumho Tyres 2012 Motor sports1


Success of Entering Auto GP towards F1

Kumho Tyres was selected as official tyre supplier 2012 Auto Grand Prix(hereinafter, Auto GP), international top-class formula championship, last year.

Auto GP is the champion that Italia formula 3000 series started in 1999 changed its name to transform newly from 2010.

Especially, while upgrading tyres and output, Auto GP compensated regulations corresponding to F1 uses 3,400cc V-8 engine of 550 horsepower.

Mostly it had been held in Europe and from the last year, it expends to 7 countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Morocco, Brazil, and USA across the world. It succeeded to raise its position as the World Series was held in 7 countries of 4 continents such as Europe, North America, South America, and Africa.

Kumho Tyres, through accumulated technology through F3, participated in Auto GP as official tyre and entered upper class of motor sports as number one brand of F3.

Kumho Tyres which had already developed F1 sample products in 2007, by taking a baton from Michelin, the existing official tyre, entered Auto GP as the F1 trial stage, which has a great meaning.

Currently Kumho Tyres, equipped with capital and technology at the same time, plans to participate in F1.

In the future, we will participate in diverse national and international motor sports such as Auto GP, F3, etc continuously to raise brand awareness and advertize our technology nationally and internationally, expected to place its position as following leader of F1 official tyre. Kumho Auto GP a

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