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How far will my new tyres take me?

The question most-asked of every tyre expert...

A new tyre guarantee that will take you four times around the planet puts the focus on the ultimate in hard wearing performance.

4WD Tyre Mileage warrantyThe distance between sets of new tyres depends on your vehicle, your driving, your tyre pressure, maintenance, and the type of roads you cover. Kumho Tyres is so confident of its hard wearing performance that it has launched a guarantee on two of its range of SUV and four wheel drive tyres. If the KL51 range does not last at least 80,000km (or the KL61 range 60,000km) you receive your money back pro-rata on lost kilometres. That is to say if 95% of the guaranteed distance is achieved, 5% of the original purchase price is refunded.
Kumho’s National Marketing and Training Manager, David Basha, says the guarantee sets new standards for customer confidence, economy and long term safety. “To promise 80,000 kilometres in SUV and 4WD conditions is a big claim that proves Kumho’s commitment to selling the most durable tyres on the market.” The guarantee comes with a tyre service program including tyre health checks every 10,000 kilometres to cover inspection, rotation and wheel alignment as needed, all recorded on a special customer’s tyre service card. The program thus ensures tyres are always at their optimum, which also means savings at the petrol pump every time you fill up. The unmatched 80,000 kilometre guarantee shows the management and technical development that has made Kumho Tyres one of the world’s top ten tyre makers.


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