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Kumho Tyres is proud to be a supporter of one of Australia’s most important environmental charities

Kumho Tyres is proud to be a supporter of one of Australia’s most important environmental charities which has planted millions of trees all over the country.

15 years ago Greenfleet was launched as the world’s first program to reduce impact of cars and other transport on the environment.
Since then, Greenfleet has planted around 7.5 million native trees across 350 sites, ranging from WA’s Fitzgerald River, Point Sturt in SA, the Brisbane River catchment in Queensland, the Murray Darling rescue initiatives, NSW Riverina and five sites in the iconic Snowy Mountains country in Kosciuszko National Park.

Local seeds – local trees
The native trees are propagated where possible from seeds collected in the local area of each site, putting back the mix of species prior to land clearing. The effort is growing fast. In 2011 Greenfleet planted around 570,000 trees covering more than 700 hectares.

The program allows for farmers and other landowners to apply for plantings to be made on their properties, to add to the stock of healthy forests across Australia that recapture carbon from the atmosphere.

Preparing for a low emission future
Greenfleet has also been an environmental leader in the transition to Australia’s mandatory carbon market, having already registered for the program and prepared to provide financial services in emissions units. It is also the first organisation to register for forest carbon property rights under Victoria’s Climate Change Act of 2011. Greenfleet CEO, Sara Gipton says “We are confident that Australia will continue to operate with a carbon price into the future, regardless of political machinations to the contrary.”

This shows the foresight of Greenfleet’s long term preparation, including providing voluntary carbon offset services to Australians since 1997.

Rolling improvements from Kumho
Kumho Tyres has also been praised for its environmental efforts in reducing its CO2 emissions by 13,500 tonnes over the past five years through upgrading production facilities and adopting renewable energy strategies while working to develop more efficient fuel saving tyres.

Proof that such efforts empower consumers to save energy and reduce emissions come from breakthrough innovations such as Kumho’s Ecowing tyres. The Ecowing design cuts emissions due to its fuel saving properties, low rolling resistance and use of an environmentally friendly compound rather than a petroleum based one.

According to David Basha, National Marketing and Training Manager, Kumho Tyres is not only developing eco-friendly products but also focusing on ways to reduce emissions and environmental concerns in the manufacturing process.

“Consumers can be assured when buying Kumho Tyres that we are adopting new technologies and processes to make our tyres more eco-friendly and actively to reduce both our company’s and our customer’s carbon footprint.”

The Greenfleet partnership includes valuable incentives for Kumho Tyre customers including extra tree planting for every set of Ecowing tyres sold in Australia.
The company has also encouraged public interest in the work of Greenfleet and ecology by planting a tree for every new Twitter who follows @KumhoTyres to hear about environmental developments.

“We’re asking people to show their support on Twitter @KumhoTyres and for each new follower who gets behind Kumho and Greenfleet, we’ll plant a tree. It’s as simple as that.” David said.
The commitment to the environment through Greenfleet comes right from the top, with company chief Mr Ki Young Kim saying Kumho aims to fund planting of over 30,000 trees in Australia in the next 18 months.

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