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No Worries Road Hazard Award

Innovative tyre manufacturer Kumho has extended its ultra-high performance 'No Worries' Road Hazard Warranty to include the newest products in its UHP range.

Kumho's 'No Worries' Road Hazard Warranty now covers the Ecsta KU19, KU27, KU31, and KU39 as well as the new Ecsta 4X KU22, covering buyers for tyre damage caused by objects on the road, potholes and gutters for the first 12 months or 25 per cent of tread life.

Kumho's Roadhazard Warranty

The Kumho 'No Worries' Road Hazard Warranty costs just $3.95 per tyre protecting an investment that can run to many hundred or thousands of dollars.

According to Kumho Tyre Australia's national marketing and training, David Basha, the 'No Worries' warranty ensures peace of mind for the everyday motorist.

"The 'No Worries' Road Hazard Warranty was created to cover little mishaps that motorists typically encounter," said David Basha.

"Damage as a result of debris on the road, potholes or gutters can not only be a costly inconvenience but can also affect the handling and safety of the car, which is why it's important to replace damaged tyres as soon as possible.

"By covering new Kumhos with the 'No Worries' Road Hazard Warranty you can remove the stress and potential expense of replacing tyres damaged by what are typical, everyday risks."

Obtaining road hazard cover is as simple as purchasing the warranty at the same time as the tyre purchase, filling out the warranty card and retaining the original receipt.

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure also reduces the risks of tyre damage from road hazards and also ensures the road hazard warranty isn't voided.

"Regular tyre checks and maintaining the correct pressure will lessen the risk of damaging the tyre," said David Basha.

"It's important to ensure tyres are inflated to the correct pressure to have optimal contact with the road and even wear.

The 'No Worries' Road Hazard Warranty is available from all Kumho dealers - including Kumho's 23 platinum dealers around Australia.

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