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Kumho Asiana joins Shanghai Expo 2010

Kumho Asiana joins Shanghai Expo 2010


Kumho Asiana joins Shanghai Expo 2010


 The 2010 Shanghai Expo is the largest-scale “economic Olympics” event to be held in Shanghai, which has risen to become the economic hub of China. About 242 countries will participate in this largest-ever exhibition, which will be attended by approximately 70 million visitors before closing in late October


 The Shanghai Expo is all the more meaningful because it is likely to provide an opportunity for China to further open its market to the rest of the world. Kumho Asiana plans to promote its brand as the one that espouses the value of the green color by joining the Business Pavilion of Korea. In addition, it plans to focus on promoting the social voluntary activities it has conducted in China through monitors in an attempt to boost recognition in the market and improve its image, which in turn will help create a friendly positive image of the company among consumers in the local market


 Kumho Asiana will show videos at the Business Pavilion of Korea and host mini concerts of Kumho young artists, a stewardess magic show, exhibition of works made from used tyres, inviing high-achieving dealers to a photo session with racing cars and models during the two-week period starting the first week of September 2010.


 During that company promotion time, Kumho Asiana will host meetings between representative companies of Korea and Chinese people to promote the company and enhance its corporate image and preference in the market while overcoming the limits of the Expo that prohibit too much exposure for individual companies.

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