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Kumho Tyres Honored at Tyre Technology International Award 2010

Kumho Tyres Honored at Tyre Technology International Award 2010


Kumho Tyres Honored at Tyre Technology International Award 2010


 Kumho Tyres won this year's Manufacturing and Design Innovation Award with its concept tyre using laser etching technology at Tyre Technology Expo 2010, the world's leading international tyre design exhibition, held in Cologne, Germany early this year.


 At the expo, attended by more than 500 industrial experts from around the world, Kumho Tyres won the prize in one of the five categories, Tyre Manufacturing and Design Innovation, going through a strict screening process carried out by a screening board consisting of 17 experts from automobile research centers and academies.


 Giving clues about future trends that are now in their preliminary stages before mass production, concept tyres are revealed at motor shows or component exhibitions as they are mounted on concept cars.


 Kumho Tyres's concept tyres had already enjoyed extremely favorable reviews from people in the industry at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2009 with its logo pattern design, which was a first in the tyre industry and the laser etching technology, which converted electric energy into light. Later, in December 2009, Kumho won a design award in the high-technology research category at if Design Awards 2010, one of the top four design awards in the world. On the Expo homepage, screening board members said, “So far a number of companies have tried new technologies using laser. However, Kumho Tyres' approach deserves the award since it is truly the first meaningful success in using it.”


 While developing various types of concept cars to be displayed at motor shows and others using laser etching technology, Kumho Tyres expects that it can use the technology for details processing in order to make even better racing and snow tyres.

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